Connecting Networks. The LT Mainnet NFT Bridge

2022-10-10 11:37 AM by Thomas–  3m read

Here's a paraphrased quote from DaShanne Stokes for you:

“Greatness is not Measured by the Wall(et)s we build, but by the Bridges.”

With this in mind, we set out for new shores to open up new possibilities and work toward a better multi-chain future. Thus, we release our NFT bridge today and introduce a new level of interoperability between Unyfy and the broader web3 ecosystem.

The NFT bridge allows all Unyfy platform hosts to make their NFT collections available on Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, and other EVM compatible networks, right from within their Unyfy Platform Manager. That, in turn, allows their users to take their NFTs from LT Mainnet to other blockchains, opening up many web3 experiences for them.

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Why bridge? A gateway to the broader web3 world

We had a lot of conversations with our customers and their users. From those, we know that most fans are happy to simply hold their NFTs in their FanID wallet on LT Mainnet and use them within the respective platform where they collected them.

Yet, as web3 applications become more widespread, many users care about freely transferring their digital items. After all, porting them from one blockchain to another opens up many fantastic new options and experiences for users.

Thanks to it, users of any Unyfy platform (or service using FanID) can now use a growing number of different web3 services. For example, they can showcase their NFTs in various NFT galleries, use them as avatars on Twitter Blue or even donate them to a DAO. Of course, they can also transfer their collectibles peer-to-peer on their favorite networks or use established marketplaces for NFTs such as OpenSea or Rarible to showcase and trade their NFTs. And the range of possibilities will only widen from here.

What is the Unyfy NFT Bridge, and how does it work?

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty of how things work. The NFT bridge allows every platform host to deploy NFT collections on other EVM-compatible blockchain networks. All this works right from within the Unyfy Platform Manager, no code is required. Several popular networks and testnets, such as Ethereum, Polygon, Goerli Test Network, and others, are already preconfigured, so you don’t have to worry about Chain IDs or RPC ports.

Hosts who want to deploy an NFT collection to a new network, will be asked to connect Metamask and pay the required fees for the contract deployment. As soon as that’s done, the contract will be automatically deployed.

From then on, a user owning an NFT of that collection will find a transfer option in her NFT overview. From there, she can connect Metamask and pay for the minting and the transfer, after which she will receive the NFT in her wallet on the respective network.

And in case you might be wondering: we, of course, keep minting NFTs on LT Mainnet free, so you can continue to create free or inexpensive digital items. The UX will remain simple and intuitive for users without any NFT experience. However, now the latter can do a whole lot more with their NFTs.

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