Fan Engagement, Sports Digitalization and Marketing with Alex Muehl of Borussia Dortmund | Ep. 25

2023-06-02 12:00 AM by Spotify–  5m read

Alexander Mühl, Director Marketing and Digitalization at Borussia Dortmund was our very honored guest on the Liquidicast recently and guys, it was a great one. It was a fantastic conversation filled with sports and business insights and Alex provided us with an awesome peak behind the curtain. Topics included: 2:27-How did Alex end up at BVB 12:28-How sports is the connector of people globally 18:10-Sports marketing and funnel awareness 24:19-How to reach fans, engage with them, and make it organic 37:30-Younger Audiences and fan journey changes 41:50-User research and understanding the interest of your fan base 48:50-How does Alex view web3 52:25-Web3 means decentralization and decentralization can be a risk 56:30- The key challenge in digitalization is converting fans from social media 56:55-A bit about our partnership with the BlackYellow app and Unyfy 1:02:00-Main benefits Borussia Dortmund sees with web3. 1:18:35-Alex's core goal at BVB Subscribe to our newsletter⁠ to get these episodes + more cool stuff And subscribe on ⁠Apple Podcasts⁠, ⁠Spotify⁠, ⁠Google Podcast⁠, ⁠Anchor⁠, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. --- Things we mentioned in this episode: Our new site:⁠⁠ The BVB BlackYellow App: Unyfy podcast: Alex on LinkedIn: Alex on Twitter: --- 🔗 More from Liquiditeam & Unyfy ⇛ Website: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Discord: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Instagram: ⁠⁠ ⇛ LinkedIn: ⁠ --- 👨‍🍳 Your Hosts ⇛ Thomas on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Thomas on LinkedIn: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on Twitter: ⁠⁠ ⇛ Ron on LinkedIn: ⁠

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