Improving Spaces 🚀

2023-02-14 01:29 PM by Bollgringo–  1m read

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better, and your better is best.

- St. Jerome -

This is one of the guiding principles that motivates us every day to make your platforms a little bit better and to tackle the things that are already good in order to develop them further. This time, we are happy to announce that we have improved the Spaces feature.

First, you as the platform host now have the option to promote selected Spaces directly to the home feed of your community. This way, you can highlight specific Spaces. This comes in handy in many situations, e.g., when you want to shine a light on a noteworthy community initiative, an event-specific space, or a sponsored Space of one of your partners.

Second, if you want to maximize the visibility of a Space in your community for longer stretches of time, you can now also pin it to the top of the feed.

Third, we have lowered the barrier to interacting in Spaces by making it possible to post without using any tokens on your posts.

Last but not least, your users now have the option to mute Spaces. This helps users to unclutter their home feed experience and disincentivizes spam.

Find all the relevant information on doing the above here in our Academy.

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