NFTs with Benefits - Redeemable NFTs are here!

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2022-08-26 11:01 by Thomas

Lately, more and more people in the NFT space started to talk about utility. We are no exception: making NFTs useful and fun for users has, as you may remember, been on top of our priority list .

With our latest release, we now give our platform hosts even more options to extend the utility of their digital items with ease.

Introducing Redeemable NFTs

Redeemable NFTs - or as we like calling them internally, NFTs with benefits - we make it easy to add various redeemable real-world or digital perks to your digital items. Whether you want to reward NFT holders with a free snack at live events, a voucher code, or just some exclusive content: it’s a matter of minutes to do so in your Unyfy Platform Manager.

If you want to make NFTs that can be redeemed in an offline setting, say for a product at the point of sale or for a snack at a live event, we created a simple-yet-secure UX for fans: users can redeem their NFTs quickly on their phones while animations and timestamps protect against fraud attempts. And of course, you can just as well include digital redeemable or unlockable benefits such as voucher codes or exclusive content.

In short, you can now easily create and distribute NFTs that give their owners additional benefits. This increases their versatility and utility so you can offer your users more.

To understand how to make your NFTs redeemable and how the whole mechanic works, check out .

We hope you like our new feature, and let us know if you have suggestions for how we can improve upon it!

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