Paying to Podcast, Expanding on SEO, and Diversifying from NFT Success

2023-06-28 12:00 AM by Spotify–  2m read

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0:00-Intro: Whats in this episode?

1:40-Question 1: A listener was invited onto a podcast but was asked to pay. Worth it?

5:40-Make sure the audience demographics match

11:20-Question 2: Nadine relies on blogging to reach clients. She is looking for a way to diversify her marketing channels

12:00-Owned channels are gold. Introduce new types of content that you can offer

16:30-Lean into successful channels, owned channels and how to maximize them

18:35-Building trust is vital. Especially with your audience

21:35-Question 3: Underwater photographer made money from NFTs and is curious how to proceed

20:20-Using a social platform in its infancy

23:05-Continue using "support" as a basis to keeping revenue coming in

24:54-Naming is everything. Don't use product terminology if there is negative sentiment around that market

29:00-How to increase discovery and get found by more fans Thanks for listening! Try Unyfy to build a web3 community today!

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