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2022-12-15 12:44 PM by Bollgringo–  1m read

Knowing this, we would like to invite our Unyfy members to connect with each other to create synergies that will move everyone forward. Together, we have the opportunity to generate a kind of mastermind or think tank, which allows you to exchange and get inspired. To that end, we have started various spaces, which allow you to interact with other users as well as the Unyfy team.

Introduce yourself to the community and get to know other Unyfy creators and community hosts. What exactly you present about yourself and your project is of course up to you, but we have provided some questions to help guide you a bit.

Interested in introducing yourself to the community and becoming part of the Unyfy Mastermind? Then come to the Introductions Space now and let us know who you are, what you do and how we as a community can help you.

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Yay! You have seen it all

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