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I saw a statistic the other day that it would take ~200,000 years to watch all of the uploaded content on just YouTube alone. That's if all uploads stopped today. There is essentially infinite content now available on the internet and all creators are competing with each other to get their tiny piece of the attention pie.

And today, content creation is no longer an exclusive affair. Anyone can make a YouTube account, record on their phone, publish articles for free, build a social following, etc. There are no more technological or operational barriers to publishing. This means the need to stand out is more important than ever before.

And like all things, there is a spectrum of quality out there. Some stuff is just better than others. And there are undoubtedly people willing to pay extra for quality content that is personalized, researched, and provides valuable insights directly to the user. Aside from the value it brings, many people want to support the creators that bring them entertainment or joy like comedians, podcasters, etc.

Enter OnlyFans, Patreon, Twitch, SubStack, etc.

The concept is simple but difficult to pull off because of the vast competition mentioned. Here is the rough path.

  • Create content
  • Grow and capture audience
  • Create better content but put it behind a paywall
  • Sell courses, partnership opportunities, ads, paid posts, paid promotions, etc.
  • Measure the impact and optimize content and product strategy
The life of a Content Creator (1)

Think of yourself as a business. Your free content is your marketing and advertising. Your paid content (or service) is your product. Paid content can be premium videos, articles, eBooks, courses, communities, etc.

And to help achieve this on your own, we built Unyfy, our web3 content and community platform.

The all-in-one premium content and community engine

I like to categorize Unyfy in two ways: it's a powerful content management system similar to WordPress but with powerful native monetization and web3 community-building features.

You can easily launch and distribute your own creator token, create premium content and experiences, drop NFT collections, and engage your fans with votings, AMAs, and more. At its core, the app is built to maximize the connection between you and your fans.

So let's talk about how Unyfy helps content creators at each stage of the growth process. I will split it into 4 phases: creation, growth, gaining loyal fans, and monetizing.

Phase 1: Creation

This phase is where most fail. This is the phase where you create content without reward. This is the phase where content creators question if their work is having any impact.

And considering that most creators quit before the 6-month mark, this is the phase that needs the most help.

The first problem creators face here is maintaining a focus on creating content that people would enjoy. Many creators get shiny-object syndrome here. They get distracted by tasks or new projects that don't move the needle.

With Unyfy, we built it to help reduce shiny-object syndrome from kicking in. So we built an interface that cuts out the fluff. There is no template shop, plugin database, or third-party app embeds. Creators are given an out-of-box app where they can begin creating from day one.

create content screenshot

The interface is familiar to those familiar with other CMS. The most important meta fields are all vertically laid out so you complete them as you go.

When content is published, it appears conveniently at the top of the app feed for your users to easily see.

content feed top

We tried to make publishing content as seamless as possible.

Phase 2+3: Growth and Building Loyal Audiences

Consistently creating content is one of the biggest variables that determine success. Another factor is community building.

A community of loyal and active fans opens the door for many monetization strategies as you can better understand the needs of members. It becomes a two-way communication street. Those members then become micro content creators within your community, invite friends, and continue spreading the word about your brand or community.

With Unyfy, you can utilize many of the out-of-box modules that make community building a core part of your business model.

With features like a social token, boosting content, NFTs, Spaces, and participatory content like votings, ideation missions, and AMAs, your platform can become a true community-building powerhouse.


With proper community building, many of our creators experience significantly more valuable growth that extends beyond just casual strolling fans. With a proper community platform, creators can build lasting and loyal audiences that act as brand ambassadors.

This is why our community tools are the backbone of what we are building.

Phase 4: Monetization

There is an endless debate that has been raging for decades.

"When should you monetize?"

Some think that if you try too early, your audience hasn't built enough trust with you and you turn them away.

Too late and you miss the window when they were the most prepared to buy. I think this is a question that must be taken case by case. The level of engagement and sentiment of your audience determines how effectively you can start to promote products, services, or direct selling.

The life of a Content Creator (2)

With Unyfy, we built various monetization strategies natively within the app so creators can establish smooth direct-to-consumer methods in a way that feels like it's a part of the community. Monetization is a utility within the platform that gives more access or features to the user.

Because all content within the app can be gated by tokens, digital products, subscriptions, etc., the various products on offer make sense within the app.

Here is what is currently available:

  • Monthly subscriptions
  • A-la-carte token packs
  • Digital products subscriptions
  • A-la-carte digital products
  • Sponsored content

As mentioned, token packs or subscriptions give access to content as you choose.

token shop

Or, you can mint and sell NFT packs.

nft packs

If you choose, you can also program benefits into your NFTs that users can redeem. Make it a discount code. Access to a discord chat, a coupon for a kebab, etc. This is where partnerships can be pretty nice.

redeem nft screenshot

And the best part about all of this is that most of it can be set up ahead of time and automated via drops and event triggers.

token giveaway voting

Closing Thoughts

The life of a content creator is cyclical and a lot of the work happens behind the scenes. It involves a give-and-take between you and your readers and if done correctly, can turn out to be a quite lucrative business endeavor.

We built our platform to essentially be a "one-stop-shop" where content creators can manage their entire community directly there. From free content creation to premium content and access and digital products and services, the Unyfy platform is the first web3 platform that cuts out the bells and whistles and gives creators a true content-focused tool to perform the tasks that move the needle.

If you want to read more about Unyfy or even launch your own community, we have some very low-risk plans available for you at:

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