Welcome to the UnyVerse, Viktor Thorup

2023-05-23 10:43 AM by Ron–  1m read

Hey everyone, we have some exciting news to share! We have a new creator that will be using Unyfy, our content and community engine that connects brands and fans alike,

So we are excited to announce the newest creator to launch their own platform: skating expert and multiple olympian, Viktor Thorup.

Viktor will be sharing all his best training tips, training plans, newsletters, behind-the-scenes footage, vlogs, live dryland workouts, and podcasts on topics that you choose, as well as individual technical video analysis. This content will be hosted exclusively on his profile on Unyfy, so be sure to hop over to the link in his bio and create your profile today!

Check out his platform here.

Our goal with this partnership is to provide more user engagement and a closer connection between athletes, coaches, and fans. With a direct say in what Viktor shares, athletes can train smarter and faster, and fans can experience skating like never before.

We're thrilled to have Viktor on board and can't wait to see the impact this collaboration will have on the skating community. Thanks for choosing Unyfy Viktor!

Viktor's Instagram | Viktor's YouTube

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