What else should the Setup Wizard be able to do to help you?🧙

2022-05-24 08:19 AM  Ended 

Step by step is the motto of our wizard. His repertoire of spells that simplify the adaptation of your platform is just the beginning and is to be expanded. But what else should he be able to do, is the question, and that's where you come in. Since it is about improving the applications for you and future users, we would like to know from you what you would like the wizard to be able to do to help you. Take part in this ideaation and tell us how the Wizard can make your life easier.



Create Users for FanClub

is there a way to create some sample users for a already astablished fanclub, let´s say I would like to show of the platform to offline soccer fanclub, with all the cool things to engage the fanbase like the NFCs and things like that, but for that it would be cool to create some fanaccounts, for presentation

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Live Event Soccer Match

a simple voting or better betting for the fans of a soccer game could be a cool and engaging feature, it would be super great if fans could put there NFT into the pot or even fantokens...maybe not the typical betting votes but some cool once like, will SK Rapid shoot a goal in the Rapid quater hour and stuff like that

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Quiz aka Learn2Earn

it would be awesome if there would be a modul, where with up to 20 slides and maximum 5 questions at the end so he earns a OAT or patch which would also be a NFT...because I really believe that this is the future of work to...not your resume...more your poaps for the event or classes you took

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Yay! You have seen it all