Theme Design Challenge

2022-05-23 11:44 AM  Ended 

You probably already know our new themes, don't you?

Screenshot 2022-05-23 113942

But those are only the beginning. We are looking for more combinations for future themes. Help us to support you in the design of your platform and tell us which colors you would like to see.

Either post an idea with a combination you would fancy (hint: RGB codes ftw) OR go one step further and create your own design. To do so, simply start a new fan platform, design it and post the link as an idea in this ideation mission.

We will implement the favorite designs of the community as an actual theme - of course with full authorship attribution - and reward every designer of an implemented theme with one year on a creator plan for free.

So, are you ready to get creative? 



Leaderboard for gamification

a leaderboard would be super great for gamification, for prices I could create with the help of AI NFTs who have diferent point values, because I guess it would be more difficult with Tokens but if that is possible that would also be cool...leaderboard would also be cool for votings, like best player, this could engage the members to do a vote and start getting active, I honestly would give out a token instead of taking one for voting, this could bring more drive...gamification in my oppinion is super important, I see it on myself, tried to get as much infinity keys as possible yesterday

Respect and thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to onboard fanclubs to web3, love that project...dope RESPECT


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Concept Idea?

I am using openAi to bring everything in form, but I had this idea preety back than already, and I believe unyfy is the perfect platform to do so. Here are some points I would love to realize and please write a short comment or feedback, because the way I see it, this is already possible pretty much. Qustions I have so far (sorry maybe I should just read more): is there a app for unyfy already? is there a possiblity to connect to social accounts? how is the status of doing betting, when using only fantokens which are not tradet yet?

Our web3 soccer fanclub leverages the power of blockchain to create an engaging and rewarding experience for fans. Members can access exclusive NFTs and Fantokens that can be used to participate in various activities within the platform.

The club offers exciting Treasure NFT hunts at real fanclub events, where members can use NFC chips to claim NFTs. Members also get a special legendary NFT for their birthday, and community tasks earn them extra Fantokens.

The platform features a Fan of the Month event, which leads up to the championship for Fan of the Year. Members can vote on NFTs to be featured in the Museum of the fanclub. The club also uses an organization board for driving to soccer matches.

Our NFT marketplace allows members to trade NFTs with other members or exchange for Fantokens. We partner with existing partners for product giveaways, and we ask players for special meet and greet events for NFT holders.

The club also features Metaverse events and watch parties for fans (token gated). Members can generate Match Moment NFTs with community voting, and learn2earn educational quizzes and introductions about the club. Additionally, we use work2earn for social sharing and growing the fanclub.

Overall, our web3 soccer fanclub creates an interactive and rewarding experience for fans, offering unique NFTs, Fantokens, and exclusive events that allow fans to connect and engage with their favorite soccer club in new and exciting ways.

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Learn2earn integration

also a gamification mode in my oppinion, but having the opportunity to put short videos or just content online and when the video is over to pop up 3 to 5 questions, where you can acctually as the members who watched the video or read the content to proof there knowledge, this would educate the members and not so rich people could earn a little by learning usufull stuff about web3 or the out NFTs and other stuff will motivate and engagement could grow again...just a thought


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Possible to do it like twitter?

Sorry, was wondering if this works here too...
Get it in!
Get it in!

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Yay! You have seen it all